Nationwide strike today: ‘Bangla blockade’ to last all day – The Financial Express BD

Today’s Nationwide Strike: ‘Bangla Blockade’ to Last All DayToday’s Nationwide Strike: ‘Bangla Blockade’ to Last All Day [Source: The Financial Express BD] Bangladesh is observing a nationwide strike today, known as the ‘Bangla blockade’, called by the opposition alliance of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its allies. The strike is scheduled to last all day. The strike has been called to protest the government’s handling of the current political crisis in the country, including the recent arrest and detention of BNP leader Khaleda Zia. According to reports, the strike is largely peaceful so far, with limited traffic and business activity throughout the country. However, there have been isolated incidents of violence, including clashes between protesters and security forces. The strike has had a significant impact on daily life in Bangladesh. Schools, colleges, and government offices are closed, and public transportation services are limited. Shops and businesses are mostly shut, except for essential services like pharmacies and hospitals. The government has deployed additional security forces to maintain law and order during the strike. The police and army have been authorized to use force if necessary to prevent violence. The BNP has warned that the strike will continue indefinitely if the government fails to meet its demands, including the release of Khaleda Zia and other detained leaders. The government has urged the opposition to reconsider the strike and engage in dialogue to resolve the political impasse.

Today’s nationwide strike: ‘Bangla blockade’ to last all dayThe Financial Express BD


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