Spoilers for Days of Our Lives from July 8, 2024 to July 19, 2024

‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers for the Week of July 8‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers for the Week of July 8 Monday, July 8 * Nicole Walker receives shocking news about her son. * Gabi Hernandez exposes Stefan DiMera as her source for information about Li Shin’s murder. * Nicole leaves Eric Brady and confronts Brady Black. * Connie Ridgeway remembers stabbing Li and experiences a hallucination of him visiting her. Tuesday, July 9 * Stefan is happy with Gabi’s return but demands answers about her actions. * Eric learns the truth from Nicole. * EJ DiMera confesses to Holly Jonas. Wednesday, July 10 * Chad DiMera asks Jack Deveraux to help him find out the truth about Abigail DiMera’s death, but Jack is reluctant. * Justin Kiriakis confides in Xander Cook about losing Alex Kiriakis. * Maggie Horton tries to repair the rift within her family. Thursday, July 11 * Leo Stark undergoes therapy with Marlena Evans and reveals surprising information. * Chad and Jack make a shocking discovery about Abigail’s death. * Doug Williams and Julie Williams share a touching moment. * Everett/Bobby Brady is confronted by an unexpected visitor with shocking news. Friday, July 12 * Stefan fears his secret will be exposed. * Rafe Hernandez advises Gabi to move on from her past. * Jada Hunter issues an ultimatum to Bobby/Everett.

We have the latest Days of our lives spoilers from Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12. Nicole receives shocking news, information about Li’s murder is revealed, and Chad stuns Jack with a request — plus, Stefan fears his secret will be exposed. Read on for that and more drama in Salem…

Days of our lives spoilers week of july 8:

Days of our lives spoilers for monday july 8th:

In today’s report, Gabi exposes Stefan as her source, Nicole leaves EJ — and goes straight to Eric — and Connie remembers stabbing Li, who pays her a “visit”!

With Jude in his stroller, Nicole meets Eric at the airport

As we get closer and closer to her interpreter’s departure, Nicole learns a bit of news about her son that will leave her speechless. Meanwhile, EJ makes it clear that he plans to do as much harm as possible to Stefan and Gabi, who he wants punished!

Thirty-two years after the first episode aired, see what some of your favorite Melrose Place stars look today in 30 stunning photos from then and now.

Wally Kurth celebrates his real-life leading lady.

Days of our lives spoilers for tuesday july 9th:

Stefan is happy that Gabi is back in his life, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let everything go. In fact, he wants answers from his lover!

Get ready, because today is the day everyone has been waiting for: Eric will finally learn the truth from Nicole.

How will Holly react to what EJ has to say when he comes clean?

Days of our lives spoilers for wednesday july 10th:

Chad is desperate for answers about Abigail, and he’s come to the conclusion that there’s really only one way to find out the truth. But Jack might just get in the way after hearing what Chad wants to do!

Justin tells Xander about the difficult time he has had and the pain he feels since losing Alex as a son.

Maggie thinks she has a way to heal the growing rift within the family. But will Alex and Theresa go along with the plan she proposes?

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Days of our lives spoilers for thursday july 11:

They say therapy is good for the soul. And while Leo’s past activities have led some to question whether he has a soul at all, his session with Marlena could yield some very revealing information.

As Chad’s plan is put into motion, he and Jack make a discovery that will surprise them both.

Grab your tissues, because Doug and Julie share a sweet moment today. And yes, this is the last episode Bill Hayes recorded before he passed away. Watch a preview here.

Normally, information that comes out about Everett/Bobby is shocking to one of the locals. But today, the arrival of an unexpected visitor will leave the young man in conflict with the receiver of the shock!

Days of our lives spoilers for friday july 12:

Perhaps because he lives in Salem, where all secrets eventually come to light, Stefan fears that what he’s been keeping secret will soon come to light.

Rafe suggests that Gabi forget what happened before and focus on moving forward instead. But something tells us she probably won’t listen…

Jada draws a line with Bobby/Everett. But will he/they take her ultimatum to heart?

Check out the photo gallery below and give your Brat Girl Summer a little something extra, Gabi.

—Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta


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