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Fire Near Sugar Lake Under Control, Human Activity Suspected as CauseFire Near Sugar Lake Under Control, Human Activity Suspected as Cause Authorities have successfully contained a wildfire that broke out west of Sugar Lake, according to the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS). The fire was initially detected on Sunday afternoon near Sigalet Lake, located north of Cherryville. By Monday evening, it was declared under control. Under control status indicates that the wildfire is no longer expected to spread beyond its existing boundaries, given the current weather conditions, fuel availability, and resource deployment. The fire is estimated to have covered approximately a quarter of an acre. BCWS initially believed the fire to be lightning-induced, but further investigation suggests it may have been caused by human activity. Image: A photo of the fire taken from above, showing smoke and flames. *Photo caption: Photo: BC Wildfire Service* Efforts to contain the fire have been successful, and there have been no reports of injuries or property damage. Residents in the area may still notice smoke and odor, but they should not be alarmed as these are expected to dissipate over time. Officials urge the public to be cautious and avoid the area until further notice. They also remind everyone to follow fire safety regulations and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

Fire near Sugar Lake arrested

Photo: BC Wildfire Service

According to the BC Wildfire Service, the wildfire that started west of Sugar Lake is now under control.

The fire was first discovered Sunday afternoon near Sigalet Lake, north of Cherryville. By Monday evening, the fire was considered under control.

This means the fire is expected to remain within its current perimeter given current fuel and weather conditions and resource availability.

According to the BCWS, the fire covered about a quarter of an acre.

The fire was initially thought to have been started by lightning, but BCWS now suspects the fire was caused by human activity.


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