Is her Bed & Breakfast too creepy?


Meri Brown has traded her Sister Wives life for a haunted house!

Or so we are told

We all know how Meri Brown is doing right now: she’s trying her best.

The veteran Sister Wives cast member split from her spiritual husband Kody Brown in January 2023 and has since tried to tell people she’s looking forward to the future.

She’s breaking new ground, Meri might say.

As part of that, Meri moved back to her home state of Utah shortly after her marriage ended and reportedly go inside Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, the bed and breakfast she has been running there for years.

But here’s the point:

Meri Brown Season 15 PhotoMeri Brown Season 15 PhotoScared face! (TLC)

Meri Brown’s Bed & Breakfast is spooky!

It turns out that there are some funny rumors going around about the house where she lives and rents out. Spooky, scary rumors!

“Guests have told Meri and the manager, Jenn, that the inn was haunted,” a source said The sun at the end of last week.

“For example, they heard creepy noises and claimed that ghosts lived there.

“It’s not like anything bad would happen – it’s just a strange and coincidental occurrence that there are dead people on the wall.”

Brown opened Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in December 2017. It was her old family home, which was lived in by four generations until it was sold in the 1980s.

The deceased listed above are portraits of some of the former owners, including Bonnie, Meri’s mother who helped run the inn and who passed away in 2021.

“It’s actually creepy to go to sleep in one of the rooms and see a picture of a deceased person on the wall staring at you,” writes The sun.

Meri Brown with a lookMeri Brown with a lookMeri Brown shares a special insight in this interview with Sister Wives. (TLC)

Meri jokes about haunted house rumors

Kody’s ex-wife is now aware of the rumors about her inn, but unfortunately she can’t say she’s seen a ghost herself.

“I’ve been told we have friendly family members as ghosts, but I’ve never seen them,” she admitted in an episode of the show.

In October 2023, Janelle Brown stayed at the establishment despite concerns that apparitions were taking place within its walls. However, she too received no visitors.

“It’s a beautiful place. I’m glad we stayed. I didn’t see a ghost, just for the record,” Janelle said in an episode of Sister Wives.

A year later, it seemed that Meri finally encountered one of the famous ghosts that lived in her inn.

Meri posted the above photo of herself and her friend Jen enjoying a night in when an intruder interrupted their evening.

Amid the cobwebs and spiders set up for Halloween, a young girl in a white dress photographed the couple while covering her face with her hair and staring blankly into the camera.

“Beware of the little ghosts and goblins that visit @lizzies_heritage_inn,” Meri captioned the post.

Of course we’re kidding. This is just Meri getting into the ghost stories – as all owners should! Who doesn’t love a haunted house!

Meri is doing well for herself

Despite the alleged hauntings, the inn has a 4.5-star rating on Google and five stars on Tripadvisor and Yelp.

That’s good, because Meri is counting on the inn to help her sustain herself in this new chapter of her life. Together with the inn, she launched a lifestyle brand called Worthy Up in 2024.

It’s still in development, just like the upcoming season of Sister-wifeSin which she will appear, and possibly also her memoir, in which she will tell all about her life with the Brown family.

All in all, Meri is not doing too bad!


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