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Biden’s Re-election Campaign Faces Challenges but Remains IntactBiden’s Re-election Campaign Faces Challenges but Remains Intact Despite initial concerns following disappointing debate performances, President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign appears set to continue. Internal Debate and Support A group of Democratic lawmakers expressed desperation and considered removing Biden from the ballot, but their movement has since disintegrated. House Democrats held a meeting where some raised concerns about Biden’s ability to defeat former President Donald Trump. However, a majority of the caucus remains supportive of Biden. Biden’s Letter and Caucus Support In a letter to House Democrats, Biden asserted his determination to stay in the race and discouraged discussions of withdrawal. He also invited challengers to run against him at the Democratic National Convention. This move has strengthened his position within the party. Key Allies and External Factors Biden received significant support from the Congressional Black Caucus and other Democratic leaders. External factors, such as the inability to field a credible challenger and the ongoing legal threats against Trump, have also contributed to Biden’s longevity as a candidate. Conclusion While initial setbacks and internal dissent posed challenges, Biden’s candidacy has survived this row. With the support of key allies within his party and with Trump facing legal issues, Biden is poised to continue his re-election campaign.

Joe Biden’s candidacy has been in jeopardy since his poor performance during the debates, but it appears he will survive this row and continue his re-election campaign.

Just before House Democrats convened Tuesday morning for their meeting on President Biden’s future, a smaller group of Democrats from several districts held a powwow. The gathering was reportedly marked by tears and palpable desperation.

The group was one of the few remaining bastions of a once-united push on Capitol Hill to remove Biden from the ballot, a movement that is “rapidly disintegrating,” according to Axios.

Why it matters: The bloc of Democrats in the House of Representatives is one of the last solid pieces of a rapidly disintegrating movement on Capitol Hill to get Biden off the list.

  • A shocked lawmaker who attended the meeting could describe the gathering with only one word: “Intense.”
  • Another described the vote as “nearly unanimous” that Biden “should resign,” adding: “There were actually tears from people, and not for Biden.”

Zoom out: The full Democratic caucus meeting was far less unanimous, with lawmakers defending Biden but also raising concerns about his ability to take on former President Trump, attendees told Axios.

  • A House Democrat who attended both meetings said, “The bulk of our caucus still supports him, which means he’s going to stay. That’s a shame for our country.”
  • As the meeting came and went, several House Democrats who had previously expressed concerns about Biden said they now stood behind him: “Whether or not I have concerns doesn’t matter. He’s going to be our nominee and we should all support him,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.).

On Monday, Biden received significant support from Democrats in the House and Senate, including a supportive phone call with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, his closest allies on Capitol Hill. By Monday night, even skeptical House Democrats acknowledged that Biden appeared to be winning the caucus. One House Democrat who is “very skeptical of Biden” told Axios that members of their party “were all over the place” and “resigned to the fact that Biden held all the cards here, and we had no real say in the matter.”

“I was someone who wanted the reckoning to happen and I’m very disappointed that it’s over, believe me, it’s over,” the Democrat added.

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Biden’s letter to House Democrats, sent Monday, is being cited as a driving factor. In the letter, Biden declared his commitment to staying in the race and urged an end to withdrawal talks. He even went so far as to invite any Democrat who thinks he can’t win to challenge him at the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Chicago next month.

“He clearly made a preemptive effort to discourage questions … with his letter,” Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) told Axios.

“I think there’s a pretty strong consensus that we need to close ranks,” said Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.).

“When there is this kind of display of force, it’s hard to imagine that people would speak out against him,” said another House Democrat.


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