Officials identify victim of last week’s murder in St. Paul, remain silent on how man was killed

Police Identify Man Killed in St. Paul HomePolice Identify Man Killed in St. Paul Home On Tuesday, police identified the victim of a homicide that occurred last week in St. Paul. Andrew J. Gutzman, 37, was found deceased in his home on Hatch Avenue on Friday. According to police Sgt. Mike Ernster, Gutzman suffered a level of trauma but declined to provide further details to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made. Around 7:30 a.m. on the day of the incident, a woman was seen running in an alley, claiming a man was not breathing. She was taken in for questioning, and her relationship to Gutzman is unknown. Officers entered the home and found Gutzman unconscious. During the encounter, an aggressive dog was shot after biting an officer. Medics pronounced Gutzman dead at the scene. According to Ernster, the home has been the subject of approximately 25 police calls this year, primarily for domestic violence and property crimes. Neighbors have reported frequent disturbances at the residence, including yelling and other altercations. Gutzman was often visited by a partner, and residents have expressed concern over the recent unrest at the property. The investigation is ongoing, and police are awaiting further information to determine the cause of Gutzman’s death and identify any potential suspects.

Police on Tuesday identified the man who was killed in his St. Paul home last week.

Andrew J. Gutzman, 37, suffered what police Sgt. Mike Ernster called “some level of trauma” Friday at his home in the 900 block of Hatch Avenue.

Ernster declined to provide further details about Gutzman’s death late Tuesday afternoon to “ensure the integrity of the investigation.”

No arrests have been made yet.

According to Ernster and a neighbor, Sean Devaney, around 7:30 a.m. a woman began running up and down an alley, yelling about a man who wasn’t breathing. The woman was taken to a police station to be questioned. Officials have not disclosed her relationship to Gutzman.

Officers entered the home, found Gutzman unconscious and encountered an aggressive dog. Ernster said the dog was shot after biting an officer. Medics pronounced Gutzman dead at the scene.

At one point, Devaney heard a gunshot.

“After the shot rang out, the sirens started blaring,” he said.

Ernster said police have been called to the home 25 times this year alone, often for domestic violence and property crimes.

Devaney said Gutzman often had a partner visiting, and he said he often heard yelling and other disturbances there in recent years.


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