The road from Idi Orogbo junction to Adeoyo Hospital needs improvement

Residents Lament Horrendous State of Idi Orogbo to Adeoyo Hospital RoadResidents Lament Horrendous State of Idi Orogbo to Adeoyo Hospital Road By Esther Ogunlowo The deplorable state of the Idi Orogbo junction to Adeoyo Hospital road has become an increasing concern for residents and commuters alike. The once-thriving thoroughfare has now become a perilous obstacle, posing significant risks to road users. The road is riddled with potholes, uneven surfaces, and gaping voids that cause severe damage to vehicles. Motorists are forced to navigate these hazards at reduced speeds, creating lengthy traffic congestion. The situation is exacerbated during the rainy season when the potholes fill with water, making them almost invisible and increasing the likelihood of accidents. “It’s a nightmare driving on this road,” lamented one resident. “My car has taken a beating from all the potholes, and I’m constantly worried about causing an accident.” The poor road conditions also have dire implications for the local community. Adeoyo Hospital, a critical healthcare facility, is situated along this road. The deteriorated surface significantly hampers the timely transportation of patients, potentially jeopardizing their lives. “The road delay can be deadly for patients who need immediate medical attention,” said another resident. “Emergency vehicles cannot reach the hospital quickly enough, putting lives at risk.” Beyond the safety concerns, the bad road also affects the local economy. Businesses along the route experience a decline in patronage as customers avoid the perilous journey. Transportation costs increase as vehicles require more frequent repairs. Residents are calling on the Oyo State Government and relevant agencies to prioritize the rehabilitation of this essential infrastructure. They urge the authorities to allocate resources and implement immediate repairs to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. “Improving this road is not a luxury but a necessity,” said Esther Ogunlowo, a resident of Ibadan. “It will not only enhance convenience but also promote safety, accessibility to healthcare, and economic growth.” The residents of Idi Orogbo and its environs appeal to the government to address this urgent matter before the situation deteriorates further. The well-being and prosperity of the community depend on the swift resolution of this neglected issue.

Esther Ogunlowo

I want to draw the attention of the government to a problem that is affecting our community, the bad road from Idi Orogbo junction to Adeoyo Hospital Road. This road is crucial for people who go out for their daily livelihood and business.

The current condition of this road is dangerous for motorists and pedestrians. Potholes and uneven surfaces cause damage to vehicles and also increase the risk of accidents.

The bad road can increase the speed of an emergency vehicle that takes a patient to Adeoyo Hospital, which can lead to the death of the patient because he or she cannot reach the hospital in time.

Improving the road infrastructure in this area is not just for the convenience of the people but it is essential for their welfare and the economy of the state. A smooth road will not cause traffic and it will improve the safety of pedestrians and motorists. It will make Adeoyo Hospital more accessible and make transportation through this area hassle-free.

I urge the Oyo State Government and relevant agencies to marshal resources to ensure that the road is improved for the benefit of all.

  • Esther Ogunlowo, Ibadan, Oyo State

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