What luxury means to consumers

Paragraph 1:Paragraph 1: For consumers, luxury is synonymous with exceptional quality and unparalleled service. The acquisition of exquisitely crafted products, exclusive travel adventures, and culinary experiences featuring delectable ingredients symbolize luxurious living. Paragraph 2: Beyond the intrinsic value of a product or the pleasure derived from an experience, luxury also serves as a social marker, conveying status and fostering a sense of belonging. By indulging in exclusive indulgences and sharing insider knowledge, consumers signal their affiliation with an elite group. Paragraph 3: To gain insights into consumer perceptions of luxury, a survey was conducted among 2,203 U.S. adults. The study explored their views on the financial value of luxury experiences, the key attributes defining “luxury,” and their attitudes towards various industries associated with luxury, including retail, food, and travel.

For the consumer, luxury equals quality and service.

Purchasing beautifully crafted products, first-class travel experiences, and meals with rare ingredients are all considered luxurious in the eyes of consumers. Beyond the functionality of a product or the enjoyment of the experience, luxury also involves signifiers that connote social status and make people feel part of an in-group by sharing exclusive airs or insider knowledge.

To better understand consumers’ habits around luxury products and experiences, we surveyed 2,203 U.S. adults about whether they think luxury experiences should cost more, what attributes they think constitute “luxury,” and looked at attitudes toward key industries such as retail, food, and travel.


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