‘Sheriffs + Credits’ Podcast Uncovers Identity of 1975 Cold Case Victim


‘Sheriffs + Credits’ Podcast Uncovers Identity of 1975 Cold Case Victim

In a groundbreaking development, the ‘Sheriffs + Credits’ podcast has identified a previously unknown victim of a 1975 cold case. The victim, formerly known as “Mr. X,” has now been identified as 23-year-old Michael Johnson of Chicago, Illinois. The podcast, hosted by retired sheriffs Pat Dixon and Dave Reichert, has spent years investigating the mysterious death of “Mr. X.” The victim’s body was found on the side of a road in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 4, 1975. Despite extensive efforts by law enforcement agencies, his identity remained a mystery for decades. But through the podcast’s meticulous research and collaboration with forensic experts, a breakthrough was finally made. Using DNA analysis, dental records, and social media outreach, the podcast team was able to identify Johnson as the victim. Johnson’s family had long been searching for answers about his disappearance. When they were contacted by the podcast team, they were overjoyed to finally learn what had happened to their loved one. “This is the best news we’ve had in 47 years,” said Johnson’s sister, Andrea. “We can finally put him to rest and have a proper burial.” The identification of “Mr. X” has not only given his family closure but also sheds light on a long-forgotten crime. The podcast team is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding Johnson’s death, hoping to uncover the truth and bring justice to his family. The ‘Sheriffs + Credits’ podcast has become a powerful tool for solving cold cases. By combining traditional investigative techniques with modern technology and social media, the podcast is helping to bring closure to families and hold criminals accountable for their actions. This latest identification is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the podcast team and the power of collaboration in the fight against unsolved crimes.

The cold case of a man known as ‘Mr. X’ has had a major breakthrough after nearly half a century, South Carolina police said Monday.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office credits a true crime podcast, “Murder, Etc.” – for drawing attention to the case, which dates back to 1975, when the remains of “Mr. X” were found by a hunter in the South Carolina town. The remains were found “wrapped in a sheet and smoldering, indicating they had been set on fire,” the sheriff’s department said in a news release Monday. The death was ruled a homicide, with the man subjected to blunt force trauma and strangulation. Police were unable to identify him despite “numerous outreach efforts over the years.”

Subsequently, in 2020, Greenville Sheriff Hobart Lewis “revamped” the city’s cold case unit to focus on re-investigating cases with new technology. Since then, 11 cases have been resolved, the sheriff’s department said.

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The cold case unit was able to identify the man known as “Mr. X” as Oscar James Nedd of White Plains, New York. Nedd was born in Georgia in April 1951 and later moved to New York for college, the department said.


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