Gardening: A Holistic Haven Beyond Sun-Soaked Serenity


Gardening: A Holistic Haven Beyond Sun-Soaked Serenity

While gardening undoubtedly offers the allure of a day spent amidst nature’s embrace, it transcends mere sunbathing to become a comprehensive experience that nurtures both body and soul.

Physical Benefits:


Improved Cardiovascular Health:

Gardening involves light to moderate exercise, such as digging, watering, and weeding. These activities elevate heart rate, promoting cardiovascular health. *

Enhanced Bone Density:

Exposure to sunlight during gardening stimulates the body’s production of vitamin D, essential for bone health. *

Increased Flexibility:

Reaching and bending to tend to plants improves flexibility and range of motion. *

Reduced Stress:

The calming effects of nature and the gentle physical activity inherent in gardening help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

Mental Benefits:


Cognitive Stimulation:

Gardening involves planning, decision-making, and problem-solving, fostering cognitive function. *

Improved Mood:

The presence of plants and the act of gardening have been shown to boost endorphin levels, improving mood and reducing anxiety. *

Increased Mindfulness:

Focused attention on the present moment is essential for gardening, promoting mindfulness and reducing distractions. *

Enhanced Creativity:

The design and arrangement of plants encourages experimentation and artistic expression, stimulating creativity.

Nutritional Benefits:


Fresh, Organic Produce:

Homegrown vegetables and fruits offer abundant nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, contributing to a healthier diet. *

Increased Vitamin Intake:

Sunlight exposure promotes vitamin D production, while leafy greens provide vital vitamins such as vitamin K and folate.

Environmental Benefits:


Reduced Carbon Footprint:

Gardening sequesters carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, promoting environmental sustainability. *

Improved Air Quality:

Plants absorb pollutants and release oxygen, purifying the air. *

Increased Biodiversity:

Diverse gardens attract a wide variety of insects, birds, and animals, enhancing local biodiversity.

Social Benefits:


Community Building:

Community gardens and gardening groups foster social connections and a sense of belonging. *

Educational Opportunities:

Gardening provides hands-on learning experiences about nature, science, and food systems. *

Therapeutic Value:

Horticultural therapy has been shown to benefit individuals with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. By embracing the multifaceted benefits of gardening, individuals can cultivate not only a beautiful outdoor space but also nurture their overall well-being. From sun-drenched relaxation to cognitive stimulation and environmental stewardship, gardening offers a holistic haven that exceeds the confines of a mere day in the sun.The price of staple food items in Nigeria has skyrocketed in the past year, with a 141 percent increase recorded in the prices of rice, garri, and tomatoes, according to data from the Selected Food Prices Report.The price of staple food items in Nigeria has skyrocketed in the past year, with a 141 percent increase recorded in the prices of rice, garri, and tomatoes, according to data from the Selected Food Prices Report. Rice prices have seen a particularly sharp increase, rising by 156 percent to N1,399 per kilogram in 2024, compared to N547 in 2023. Garri, a staple food consumed by low-income earners, has also seen a significant price increase of 135 percent, from N363 in April 2023 to N852 in April 2024. The Selected Food Prices Report also highlights that the average price of tomatoes has increased by 17.9 percent in the past month alone, from N960 to N1,123 per kilogram. Compared to last year, the price of tomatoes has risen by 132 percent, from N485 in April 2023. Other food items that have experienced significant price increases include beans, bread, beef, and onions. The report shows that food inflation accelerated to 40.5 percent in April. The price of garri has also risen significantly, with a 13.59 percent increase from N750 in March to N852 in April. This represents a 135 percent year-on-year increase. Beans prices have also increased significantly, with a 125 percent year-on-year increase from N616 in April 2023 to N1,388 in April 2024. On a month-to-month basis, the price of beans has increased by 12.44 percent. The report also provides a state-by-state breakdown of food prices. Niger state recorded the highest price of a kilogram of local parboiled rice at N1,785, while Benue state had the lowest price at N994. By zone, the average price of a kilogram of locally sold loose rice was highest in the South-West at N1,615, followed by the South-South at N1,565. The North-West recorded the lowest average price at N1163. The average price of a kilogram of garriwit was highest in the South-South and South-West at N1,031 and N982 respectively, while the lowest price was recorded in the North-West at N682.


Gardening is a popular hobby for many people. It can be a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and grow your own food. But did you know that gardening offers more than just a day in the sun? Studies have shown that gardening can have a number of health benefits, including: * Reducing stress and anxiety * Improving mood * Boosting immunity * Reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke * Improving sleep Gardening can also be a great way to socialize and meet new people. Many communities have community gardens where people can come together to grow food and share ideas. If you’re looking for a new hobby that is both fun and rewarding, gardening is a great option. It’s a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and improve your health.


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