Both candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio are taking a down-to-earth approach – Ohio

In the Ohio 9th Congressional District, candidates Marcy Kaptur and Derek Merrin prioritize economic issues in their campaigns.In the Ohio 9th Congressional District, candidates Marcy Kaptur and Derek Merrin prioritize economic issues in their campaigns. Kaptur, an incumbent Democrat, emphasizes homeownership and healthcare affordability. She has advocated for domestic manufacturing and renewable energy investments. Merrin, a Trump-backed Republican, focuses on reducing taxes and fiscal transparency. He supports property, sales, and fuel tax reforms, along with free school choice and healthcare deregulation. The National Republican Congressional Committee targets District 9 for Republican gains in this election.

(The Center Square) – Candidates for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District have tailored their campaigns to address the most pressing and pragmatic issue facing American voters: the economy.

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur and her Trump-backed challenger, Rep. Derek Merrin, have been visiting small businesses and voters in Ohio in an effort to secure the coveted seat.

Kaptur has focused on issues like encouraging homeownership and lowering health care prices. She has largely avoided expressing views on cultural issues that Democrats often focus on, like abortion access and gender issues.

During his tenure, Kaptur supported policies aimed at increasing domestic manufacturing and renewable energy projects in Ohio.

“Marcy has dedicated her career in public service to fighting for a level playing field for all Ohioans as they pursue economic and health security,” Kaptur’s campaign website says. “She has worked with both parties to secure investments in our communities and is a true friend to veterans, seniors, first responders and working people.”

Merrin has focused his campaign on lowering taxes and increasing fiscal transparency, and has spent much of his time in office working on reforming property, sales and fuel taxes.

Merrin also supports free school choice and reducing healthcare regulations and prices.

“I have a proven track record of taking on Ohio’s political establishment, and I look forward to taking that fight to Congress with a strong Republican majority where we will uphold the Constitution, balance the budget, secure our borders, protect the U.S. dollar from further devaluation, and implement term limits for Congress,” Merrin said.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has targeted Ohio’s District 9 as the seat it hopes to capture in this election.


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