CCSC Technology International Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:CCTG) Lock-Up Period Ends on July 16

CCSC Technology International Lock-up Expiration and Company OverviewCCSC Technology International Lock-up Expiration and Company Overview CCSC Technology International (NASDAQ: CCTG) will see the expiration of its lock-up period on July 16. This means that insiders and major shareholders will be able to trade their shares, potentially impacting the company’s stock price. Recent Stock Performance On Tuesday, CCSC Technology International shares opened at $2.13 and have experienced a decline of 0.9% since then. Over the past year, the stock has traded between $1.96 and $30.00. Company Description CCSC Technology International manufactures and sells interconnect products such as connectors, cables, and wire harnesses for various industries, including industrial, automotive, medical, and telecommunications. The company operates in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Recommended Articles If you are interested in further information about CCSC Technology International, consider these recommended articles: * [MarketBeat article on the company]( * [Yahoo Finance company profile]( * [Google Finance company information]( Email Newsletter Signup Stay informed about CCSC Technology International and other companies by signing up for’s free daily email newsletter. Get news, reviews, and analyst ratings delivered straight to your inbox.

CCSC Technology International (NASDAQ:CCTG – Get Free Report)’s lock-up period expires on Tuesday, July 16. CCSC Technology International issued 1,375,000 shares in its public offering on January 18. The total offering size was $5,500,000 based on an initial share price of $4.00. Shares of the company owned by insiders and major shareholders of the company will be eligible for trading after the lock-up period expires.

CCSC Technology International shares down 0.9%

Shares of CCSC Technology International opened at $2.13 on Tuesday. CCSC Technology International has a one-year low of $1.96 and a one-year high of $30.00. The company has a fifty-day moving average price of $2.31.

About CCSC Technology International

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CCSC Technology International Holdings Limited, through its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells interconnect products in Asia, Europe and the Americas. It provides original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers with interconnect products including connectors, cables and wire harnesses used for a range of applications in various industries, such as industrial, automotive, robotics, medical equipment, computer, network and telecommunications, and consumer products.

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