TikTok travel hack to Mallorca divides internet: ‘Get ready in Burger King’

Clever Travel Trick Divides Opinions: Using Burger King and Rental Car to Save on Mallorca HolidayClever Travel Trick Divides Opinions: Using Burger King and Rental Car to Save on Mallorca Holiday Social media has been buzzing with reactions after two women shared their ingenious travel hack for cutting costs during a clubbing holiday in Mallorca. TikToker Esther Pinos (@estherpinos_) posted a video showing her and a companion getting ready for a night out at a Burger King in Cala Ratjada. They used the restaurant’s facilities to straighten their hair, brush their teeth, and change their clothes. The duo then spent the evening enjoying the island’s vibrant nightlife. To further save money, Esther revealed that they slept in their rental car and stored their belongings in the trunk instead of booking a hotel room. Parking a vehicle for sleeping is legal in Mallorca, provided it is parked correctly. The video, which has garnered over 288,000 views, has elicited mixed reactions. Some viewers expressed disgust at the use of a public restroom for personal hygiene. Others criticized the idea of sleeping in a car without access to showers. However, others praised the women’s frugal approach, suggesting alternative tips such as using gym showers or supermarket lockers for changing. The travel hack comes amidst concerns about overtourism in Mallorca. Hoteliers fear that recent anti-mass tourism protests could discourage travelers from visiting the island. Despite the controversy, the Burger King and rental car trick has sparked a discussion about creative ways to save money while traveling. It remains to be seen whether this trend will gain wider traction or face further backlash.

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Two women who slashed the cost of a clubbing holiday in Mallorca by using a Burger King as a changing room and a hire car as a hotel have left opinions divided on social media over the clever travel trick.

Esther Pinos, a Spanish TikToker, posted the video as @estherpinos_, which read in Spanish: “POV you go to Mallorca to party without booking a hotel and you go to Burger King to get ready.”

The video sees the duo straightening their hair and brushing their teeth at a fast food restaurant in Mallorca, before enjoying the popular nightlife on the Balearic island.

The clips, filmed at the Burger King in Cala Ratjada, have been viewed more than 288,000 times since the TikTok was posted last week with the caption “improvise”.

Esther confirmed in the comments section that the couple had slept ‘in the rental car’ and stored their belongings in the trunk, rather than paying for hotel accommodation.

Sleeping in a car is legal in Mallorca, provided the vehicle is ‘correctly parked’.

Some social media users were “disgusted” by the women’s frugal “travel trick.”

One TikTok viewer commented: “How disgusting how dirty those toilets always are, especially in the afternoon.”

“We’re in the middle of a sweaty summer, I can’t live without a shower,” said another.

Others, however, were more impressed with Esther’s frugal fast-food approach.

One commentator, supporting the budget travelers, advised: “I’ll give you a tip: pay the daily fee for each gym, which is €10. You go into the showers and come out prepared to party.”

Other tips from TikTok users included using lockers at a Mercadona supermarket or changing clothes “in the Carrefour car park”.

The hack for cheap travel to Mallorca follows a series of demonstrations against overtourism on the Spanish island.

A leading hotelier in Mallorca has admitted he is concerned about the impact the anti-mass tourism protests in June will have on the island’s economy.

Javier Vich, president of the Palma Hoteliers Association, fears that fewer travellers will book a holiday to the Balearic island after reading reports of protests on the streets and beaches of Palma.

One of the large-scale demonstrations at the end of May saw almost 10,000 people parade through the streets of Mallorca’s capital, carrying posters reading “SOS Residents” and “Enough Mass Tourism”.

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