DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery and Retail Media Offerings


DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery and Retail Media Offerings

DoorDash, the leading food delivery platform in the United States, is expanding its offerings to include alcohol delivery and retail media capabilities.

Alcohol Delivery Expansion

DoorDash has partnered with a growing number of alcohol retailers, including wine shops, liquor stores, and convenience stores, to offer alcohol delivery to its customers. This expansion allows DoorDash to tap into the rapidly growing online alcohol market, which is estimated to reach $21 billion by 2025. Through its alcohol delivery service, DoorDash offers a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits, including local favorites and popular brands. Customers can search for alcohol by type, price, or brand and have their orders delivered to their doorstep within hours.

Retail Media Offerings

In addition to alcohol delivery, DoorDash is also introducing new retail media offerings to help brands reach and engage with its vast customer base. These offerings include: *

Sponsored Listings:

Brands can pay to have their products featured prominently in search results and product pages. *

Display Ads:

Brands can place display ads on DoorDash’s website and app, targeting specific demographics and interests. *

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Brands can create and share sponsored content on DoorDash’s blog and social media channels. These retail media offerings allow brands to increase their visibility, drive demand for their products, and build relationships with new customers.

Benefits for Customers and Brands

DoorDash’s alcohol delivery and retail media expansion provide several benefits for customers and brands alike:


* Convenient access to a wide selection of alcohol * Fast and reliable delivery * Personalized shopping experience through retail media


* Access to a large and engaged customer base * Increased product visibility and brand awareness * Real-time campaign performance data DoorDash’s expansion into alcohol delivery and retail media is expected to drive significant growth for the company and provide new opportunities for customers and brands alike.DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery and Launches Retail Media Solutions

DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery and Launches Retail Media Solutions

DoorDash is expanding its alcohol delivery service and investing in new advertising solutions, the company announced Tuesday (June 11). The company is adding alcohol delivery partnerships with several retailers, including Select Food Lion, Giant Food, and Stop & Shop locations. “By 2023, the total number of liquor stores available on DoorDash in the U.S. will increase by more than 60%,” said DoorDash Vice President of New Verticals Fuad Hannon. “Today, DoorDash is the stock market leader in the U.S. category of third-party liquor store delivery sales. While consumers can easily and safely enjoy the best of their community, local merchants can grow their businesses, while Dashers have more profit opportunities.” In addition to expanding its delivery service, DoorDash is also investing in new advertising solutions. Brands can now convert high-intent customers at the point of purchase with sponsored products, which are available in the company’s Ads Manager UI and through API partners Flywheel and Pacvue. Brands including Anheuser-Busch and Molson Coors are already seeing increased revenue from this feature, according to the release. DoorDash also offers “Occasion Branded Campaigns,” designed to connect with consumers for notable celebrations such as Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo, “to drive awareness and conversion.” The company also collaborates with MikMak to help brands reach DoorDash’s millions of active global monthly users across all channels. A special collaboration with Symbiosy.AI lets brands use “advanced targeting and optimization algorithms” to reach new audiences on third-party advertising channels. The news comes amid a transformation in advertising, with financial service providers such as JPMorgan Chase and PayPal creating advertising networks that use data from user purchases.

DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery and Retail Media Services

DoorDash, the nation’s leading food delivery platform, is expanding its alcohol delivery and retail media offerings. The move aims to meet the growing demand for convenient alcohol delivery and provide retailers with targeted advertising opportunities.

Alcohol Delivery Expansion

DoorDash is expanding its alcohol delivery services to more than 900 cities and towns nationwide. The company has partnered with a wide range of retailers, including grocery stores, liquor stores, and specialty shops. Customers can now order alcoholic beverages on demand through the DoorDash app, with delivery within as little as 30 minutes.

Retail Media Platform Launch

DoorDash has also launched a new retail media platform called “DoorDash for Business.” The platform enables retailers to run targeted advertising campaigns across DoorDash’s platform. Retailers can use the platform to promote specific products, drive traffic to their websites, and acquire new customers.

Benefits for Customers and Businesses

The expansion of DoorDash’s alcohol delivery services provides customers with a convenient way to access alcoholic beverages from the comfort of their homes. The retail media platform offers businesses an effective way to reach new customers and drive sales.

Market Impact

The move by DoorDash is expected to significantly impact the alcohol delivery and retail advertising markets. DoorDash’s large customer base and extensive delivery network position it well to become a major player in both markets.

Industry Outlook

The demand for alcohol delivery and retail media advertising is projected to continue to grow in the coming years. DoorDash’s expansion in these areas reflects the company’s commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs and providing valuable advertising solutions for businesses.


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